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Assessment and Evaluation Services for Schools and Businesses

Learn Aid offers a battery of standardized tests in both online and/or in-person formats from Kindergarten to Twelfth grade. Likewise, we specialize in the creation and provision of tests and evaluation instruments required for business operations.

Online Testing

Learn Aid boasts a modern, multi-platform digital infrastructure to deliver all our standardized tests online, spanning from the academic scenario (first to twelfth grade) to a business setting. Learn Aid's online tests are thoroughly validated, ensuring the same high-quality service whether you choose to administer the test online or in paper .

This online service aligns with the needs and preferences of today's students who are accustomed to constantly using technology. It allows them to feel more comfortable, and the experience of taking the tests becomes highly engaging.

Students can take the tests either at their educational institution (our recommendation) or from the comfort of their homes, as determined by the institution. To do this, they can use available devices properly connected to the internet, such as tablets, laptops, desktop computers, or even their smart phones.

Pre-1 Initial Skills Test

It is designed to assess, both individually and collectively, the mastery of basic mathematical concepts and initial reading skills. Additionally, it gauges the ability for analysis and pictorial comprehension.

Readiness Test (AID)

It is designed to assess, both individually and collectively, the basic mathematics and language prerequisite skills. It is administered to students in the second semester of Kindergarten or the first semester of First grade. It is a highly interactive test. The test is available in both Spanish and English.

Academic Achievement Test

Our Spanish, English, Science, and Mathematics tests are aligned with the Standards and Expectations of the Department of Education for grades Kindergarten through 12. Learn Aid provides testing for advance subject matters, such as College Math, Trigonometry, and Calculus.  

Individualized Testing Program

By appointment, we offer in-person assessment services at our offices for various purposes:

  • Students applying for admission to institutions that utilize our tests and need to take Placement Tests.

  • Students enrolled in a Homeschooling program.

  • Students attending institutions that do not utilize external assessment services, and whose parents wish to assess the student's academic performance and potential.

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