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Grants | Projects | Assessment and Evaluation | Educational Services | Professional Development     Health Programs Administration | Business Consultancy 

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50 years of business innovation 

We provide the support, guidance and tools you need to be successful in attaining your business  goals. Take a look and explore the services we offer, and some examples of the results we have achieved.

Experience . Drive . Performance 

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Consultancy in the Development and Implementation of Projects Funded by Federal, State and Private Grants

Our team of grant experts offers specialized consulting services for the identification, development, management, and evaluation of projects funded by both federal, state and non profit grants. Our consultants bring 100+ years securing and managing grants exceeding $200 million. They provide the "right" support you need to guide you through the entire process, from conceptualization through the successful submission of the proposal, to the implementation of your projects.

Assessment and Evaluation Services for Schools and Businesses.

Unlock the full potential of your educational institution or business with our specialized Assessment and Evaluation Services. Tailored for both schools and businesses, our state-of-the-art services cover the development, administration and processing of standardized online assessment instruments in academic, vocational and advanced topic matters. With these tools, Learn Aid provides invaluable insights to enhance performance, promote growth, and drive success.

Key Features: Customized Solutions | Experienced Administration Team | Comprehensive Evaluations and Reports| Data-Driven Decision Making.


Analysis, Development, and Implementation of Operational Processes in Management

Organizations with lackluster performance  or facing imminent restructuring processes will enhance their results through our meticulous analysis, strategic development, and effective implementation of operational processes. Our commitment is to elevate the administrative efficiency of your company, providing tailored solutions from conception to optimum execution.

Professional Development Program for the Public and Private Sectors

Access a comprehensive Professional Development Program designed to empower employees in both the public and private sectors. Our program focuses on honing key skills, fostering growth, and ensuring success in today's dynamic professional landscape. Need a custom-made training program? No problem! Our developers will work with you to develop and implement the program your organization needs. 

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